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TOBIDASU ♥♥ 飛び出す

to that blue blue sky

15 August
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♥ About

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I am a 24-year-old girl origionally from California, USA, but I moved to Japan in August of 2008 to persue a career as an English Teacher. I graduated with a degree in Japanese Studies and Japanese from Willamette University and hope that one day I may become a translator for a Japanese publishing company. While the publishing industry is something I am drawn to, I must admit that my ideal job would be a voice actress. Besides writing, translating, and reading, I am also an avid baker. Sheesh, this makes me sound really domestic…but I would have to say that I am more against traditional gender roles than I am for them.
♥ Love
: Likes
┣my fiancé (Jun)
┣my family
┣my host family
┣my hamster (Hikari-chan)
┣cooking & baking
┣vegetable juice
┣reality TV
┣Harry Potter
┣the smell of rain
┗etc, etc, and so forth!

: Dislikes
┣most bugs
┣dirty rooms
┣riding my bike in the rain
┣my nose
┣busy work
┗ブリッコ/fake people

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